Welcome to Datahark.

We are here to make our audience very much comfortable about Data. We will try to cover form basics to advance level of Data Analysis using different Programming Concepts and Automation along with most Important thing i.e. Data Visualization using different tools like MS Excel, Tableau, Power BI, SAS and others.

The Purpose of Datahark is to make you Data Expert with Easy to understand concepts. Name Datahark came to my mind from the word "Hark" which means Pay Attention. Data is very sensitive thing and most valuable asset now a days, so by Paying Attention towards data and related concepts make you wealthier and satisfied(This is for people like me), Luckily i found this domain as well so i choose my Blog domain as www.datahark.com .

I as Individual, am a working professional with more than 5 years of experience in a Multinational Organization and deals with tons of data on daily basis. I basically graduated form Amity University in Masters of Computer application. Personally i am having good understanding about Data Analysis, Data Visualization and also love to play with Data so keep on learning new Data related concept on daily basis from my organization as well as reading through online sites. I believe in "Knowledge increase by sharing" concept, so i love to share knowledge though blog and Teaching Offline/Online.

You can contact me through Contact Us Section of Datahark.com.