Types of Chart available in Show Me Pane - Tableau

Tableau is a very advance Data Analysis and Visualization tool, It makes the data analysis very easy through so many techniques without writing any code. One of the very advance feature of Tableau is "Show Me". In "Show Me" we can choose and apply required view on existing data in worksheet.

Those view can be any like Pie Chart, Heat Map, Globe Map, Horizontal/stacked/Side-by-side Bars, Tree Map, Circle View, Area Chart, Gant Chart and many more.

Whenever we create a worksheet in Tableau, Show Me option is available in the top right corner, See below picture:

Show Me in Tableau

We can also Show/Hide this "Show Me" Pane by toggle(Click) on it.

Tableau is a Smart software, In Show Me Some of the options are greyed out that depends on the Variable dragged in row/Column.

For Example: If data contains a Geographical Value - like State, Country or Zip code then only the Globe Map will be available otherwise it will not, See above picture None of Geographical value is  in row/Column Pane so Maps and other options are grayed out.

This is how a Non Technical person also use this software easily to create Visualization using data.

We can Move Show Me Pane anywhere on Screen by just dragging it:
Show Me Pane in Tableau