Creating First Visualization in Tableau

Hello Folks - Now we are able to understand basic Concepts of Tableau i.e. What is Tableau and how to start working on this. we know the Component of Tableau Desktop, Now its time to Learn how to create Visualization in Tableau Desktop, also i am going to show how to publish your work on Tableau Public.

When we install Tableau Desktop, it also provide Sample Data of a Superstore for learning purpose, we are going to use that data for this tutorial.

Click here to learn How to connect to a Data source in Tableau then proceed further for Visualization.

After connecting to Sample Data and open Orders in Data Pane, Click on Extract button to Extract
the data, we can also work on Live data but for publishing our work to Tableau public we also need the data in file so we have to Extract the data then only we can publish our work to Tableau Public.
Learn how to Extract data and more about Extract Vs Live Data.

We are going to make a Chart That will show Region wise Sale of Every Segment like shown in below picture.

Region Wise Sale of Every Segment

Trust me its going to be very easy to create this Visualization (Just need to drag/drop 4 dimensions/measures).

Steps to create above Visualization

Go to Sheet1 
Drag Variable Region from Dimensions and drop in Columns Shelve
Drag Variable Sales from Measures and drop in Rows Shelve
Again Drag Variable Sales from Measures and drop in Marks(Label)
Drag Variable Segment from Dimensions and drop in Marks(Color)

First Visualization in Tableau

See, How easy it is, Just above these four steps and your work is done and a awful Visualization is ready.

Now Lets Learn how to publish our work to Tableau Public

You first Need to create a Account on Tableau Public : by filling up just few basic Information like Name Email address and Create a New password.
We need that Email and Password credentials to login to Tableau Public.

Steps to publish your work:

After Creating our Visualization Click on Server Menu from Menu Bar -> Click on Publish Work
this will ask for Server Name, Enter in that and then Click on Connect, It will ask for Email/Password - Provide Credentials of your Tableau Public.

Share Via Tableau Server or Tableau Online or Tableau Public

Then it will popup to save workbook to Tableau Public, Enter any Name in Workbook Title and Click on save.

Here you go and now you can share the link of your work in your website/social media account or anywhere you want.

See above workbook by clicking on following link: