What is Tableau, How to start working on Tableau

What is Tableau? 

Tableau is Most Powerful and most Trending tool now a days for data Visualization, Which helps in Business Intelligence Process to understand the data in Simpler way and to Make Quick Business Decisions to grow Business and Performance.

We can Create Visualization in Multiple forms in Tableau i.e.

  • Worksheet
  • Dashboard
  • Stories

Tableau helps even Non-Technical  user to Create and Understand Data using Visualization, this is best thing about Tableau that it doesn't require technical or programming skills to work on this software

Best Features of Tableau Includes:

  • Data Blending
  • Real Time Analysis
  • Collaboration of Data

Tableau Product Suite

Developer Tools
  • Desktop
  • Public

Sharing Tools
  • Online
  • Server
  • Reader

Tableau Desktop:

Tableau Desktop consist of many feature which help you to create Visualization using the charts, Reports, dashboard and Stories.
It is the Backbone of Tableau Software suite, it provide you tons of Features which will help you to simply drag and drop functionality to create a Mind blowing Visualization in Seconds.

Tableau Desktop provides features to connect with different data sources Like:

Microsoft Excel
Text File
Microsoft Access
PDF File
Spatial File
Statistical File
Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon Redshift

And the list goes on.. Almost it can import data from any kind of data source.

We can Create the workbooks, dashboards and stories and those can be either shared locally or publicly.

Tableau Desktop is classified into two Categories:

  • Tableau Desktop Personal: It has the Limited Access and the work we do it in Tableau Personal cannot be published online. It can be shared Offline or in Tableau Public.

  • Tableau Desktop Professional: We can do all the operations same as we do in Tableau Desktop Personal. The difference between personal and professional is, in Professional version, It has full access to all Kind of the datatype. It is for professionals who wants to publish work on Tableau Server.

Try it for Free from below official Link of Tableau Desktop site:

Tech specifications required for the Tableau Desktop:

Windows 7 or later
OSX 10.11 or later

VMWare | Citrix | Hyper-V | Parallels
Tableau products operate in virtualized environments when they are configured with the appropriate underlying operating system and hardware.

See Pricing on below official Links for Tableau Creators:

Tableau Public:

It is open source platform to create and Publish your work online. Remember, As the Word "Public" describe, it means there is no Privacy available the work you create will be saved to the Tableau's public cloud and can be accessed by everyone.
This version is the for those who wants to learn Tableau.

Try Tableau Public from below official Link:

Feature of Tableau Public

  • Data Storytelling
Easily create stunning interactive visualizations on Tableau Public free platform. No coding required

  • Spark Conversation
Connect with authors from around the world. Embed your visualizations on a personal website, blog, or social media.

  • Be Inspired
Explore and interact with the most extensive library of data visualizations in the world with over 1 million user-generated possibilities.

Tableau Server:

Tableau Server is specifically used to share visualizations that we create in Tableau Desktop application. It can be accessible only by the licensed users.
Tableau Server not required to be installed on personal System, User needs the login credentials which can be used to view reports from a web browser. Tableau server is very much secured, and it is best for sharing of data in an organization.

There is at least one Admin user required in organization who has full control on server rights.

Try Tableau server from below official Link:

Tableau Online:

Tableau Online is used to share the Visualization work Online and It has similar functionalities as we have in Tableau Server.
To publish, both Tableau Online or Tableau Server we required the Tableau Desktop to create the Visualization. Online Data sources web applications like Google Analytics, Salesforce.com are also supported by Tableau Server and Tableau Online.

Try Tableau Online from below official Link:

Tableau Reader:

Tableau Reader is an Open source and completely free of cost available tool which is used to view the work and visualizations created on Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public. We can apply the Filters created on Dashboard or worksheet but we cannot edit the Visualization on Tableau Reader. 
It is available for Desktop/Tablet as well as Mobile devices.

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