Component of Tableau Desktop

See Below screenshot and find the different Component when you open Tableau for the first time:

Tableau Desktop
First Screen

A: Connect - From here you can connect or import data from different data sources to a File or with any Database server.

B: Here you will find all the Recent Project you have worked upon or available on your system

C: Tableau provides few Sample Workbooks to learn the concept of Tableau with examples

D: Discover - Here Tableau provides few online tutorials Including Videos and Tableau Forum access, where 
you can search for your queries and get help

E: Menu Bar: Here are the Menus available to create New Project or to connect with data server and get help from Tableau forum. For more details Download Tableau Desktop and open 

Tableau Desktop
Second Screen
F: This component will show you the Name of workbook/Database which you have connected with Tableau.

G: This component consist of Sheets/Tables available in connected workbook or Database.

H: Here you can drag/drop any available sheet from component G which can be used for Further data processing/Visualization.

I: This Component is used to Navigate among Data Source screen and Different worksheets/Dashboard/Stories which we are going to create for Visualization.

J: This component will display list of all Variables and Data available corresponding to that variable in a particular sheet or Joins which we create in Component H by dragging and dropping from available sheets. We can apply Sort, or limit the number of rows available in a datasheet from here.

Tableau Desktop
Third Screen
K: This component is called Toolbar, Similar to any other software Tableau Desktop provides toolbar to quickly access its tool which helps in speedup the work.

L: This component Display all the Variables categorised in either Dimensions  or Measures(Will Learn more about this in Future posts), this will also display the newly created variable in the sheet.

M: This component have Three sub components:
Pages: We can drag and drop a variable in Page to Create Playback functionality(will Discuss More about this in Future posts)
Filter: We can Create and apply Filter using this component
Marks: We can Choose graph type from here, apply colors to our data, Manage size of Graphical components, Add any variable as Text field or in details section.

N: Here we will see the Actual Graph/Chart which we create using our Data and tools

O: We can choose different type of Graphs available in Show Me component.

P: In this Pane we will drag and drop variables which we wants to show/display in Row or Column.