There are few words which are very commonly used while working with SAS. Every SAS Programmer/Analyst must know the meaning of all these words.

Variables - Variable is know as a column in a SAS data set. A variable is a set of data values that describe a given characteristic across all observations. In the ACCESS procedure, variables are created from the PC files columns or fields.

Observation - The horizontal component of a SAS data file. An observation is a collection of data values that are associated with a single entity, such as a customer or state. Each observation contains one data value for each variable in the data file. An observation is analogous to a row in a PC file.

Dataset - Dataset is the two dimensional arrangement of Observation and variables.

Table - Table is alias name for dataset.

Library - Library is a collection(database) of SAS compatible files.

Two Level Name- SASUSER.ADMIT (Separated by period (.) sign). where SASUSER is name of library and ADMIT is name of DATASET.