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SAS is organiztion as well as a Programming Language which is used for Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis and Data Visulaiztion. It is one of the most widely used statistical software packages.

About SAS

Some of the SAS Components widely used are as Follows:
Base SAS – Basic procedures and data management
SAS/STAT – Statistical analysis
SAS/GRAPH – Graphics and presentation
SAS/OR – Operations research
SAS/ETS – Econometrics and Time Series Analysis
SAS/IML – Interactive matrix language
SAS/AF – Applications facility
SAS/QC – Quality control
SAS/INSIGHT – Data mining
SAS/PH – Clinical trial analysis
Enterprise Miner – data mining
Enterprise Guide - GUI based code editor & project manager
SAS EBI - Suite of Business Intelligence Applications
SAS Grid Manager - Manager of SAS grid computing environment

How to start working on SAS
SAS is a Providing both Paid and Free Software to work upon -

Paid - Enterprise version of SAS
Free - Two options avilable to use SAS Free of cost

Download SAS Software

  • SAS University Addition
    • This needs to be installed on your Local Machine and doesn't required Internet Connection to operate
    • Download SAS University addition from following Link: Download
  • SAS OnDemand for Academics
    • This required a Internet connection to work and needs to create an Account on Odamid, It's a Cloud platform so user can access it from anywhere. SAS Unoversity Addition has variety of modules like SAS Enterprise Guide (SAS EG), SAS Operation Research module, SAS Enterprise Miner etc These Modules are not available in SAS University Edition.
    • You Can register here to Access SAS OnDemand Online - Register Here

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